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ServiceM8 is a field service management app which empowers small business to thrive.

It combines best-in-class technology, the power of the cloud, and smart job management systems and processes. With powerful communication, job dispatch, quoting and invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 streamlines the way trades and services businesses get work, complete work, and get paid.

ServiceM8 is designed to be used by everyone in your business, from each individual field staff member, to back office staff, through all levels of management. It is simple and effective, and best of all, it’s available anywhere, anytime.

With field service apps, it isn’t enough for an app to just work on a mobile device. This is software for business use. Its operation and effectiveness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
So when we started out, it was clear that a great field service app needs to achieve a heightened synergy between the device it’s being used on, the operating system of that device, and the app itself – a level of integration beyond everyday consumer apps. With this in mind, it made sense for us to focus on developing our software for specific hardware.

Which brings us to Apple.

Apple provides the best platform for us to build great software, and the best package of hardware, software and support to meet the needs of a modern field service business. This results in a high-quality and reliable field service hardware and software package.

ServiceM8 is an app built for business, not for consumers. This is a very important distinction. With consumer apps, being available to a wide audience is often a very important factor. With business apps, the priority is on quality and reliability.

As an Apple Mobility Partner, ServiceM8 works with Apple’s best designers, refining our app to its simplest and most intuitive form, while finding ways to redefine the way field service businesses can work, like ServiceM8 for Apple Watch.

In the end…

So in the end, if we didn’t focus our efforts and instead opted to make ServiceM8 compatible with other hardware platforms and operating systems, it would compromise the quality, experience and effectiveness of our app, and therefore its ability to help small business thrive.

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